San Francisco City Golf Championship

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Entry Deadline  February 15, 2015


Men’s Championship                                        March 14 & 15                        Mar. 28,29/Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

Men’s Open                                                         March 21 or 22                      Mar. 28,29/Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

Women’s Championship                                  March 22                             Mar. 28,29/Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

Women’s Open                                                   March 22                             Mar. 29/Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

Men’s Senior Championship                           March 21                              Mar. 28/Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

Men’s Super Senior Championship               March 21                                  Apr. 4,5/ Apr. 11,12

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"Join us as we salute the past champions of the San Francisco City Golf Championship...steeped in history and tradition, the event is approaching it's 100th year to be celebrated in 2017, so join us Thursday March 26 at TPC Harding Park for this special evening, fun...competition and friendship..."

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